Breast Intentions Has Had A Very Busy Summer - 7/29/13

Posted on July 29, 2013

Breast Intentions shared some amazing stories with us about breast cancer fighters they were able to help through the generous support of their donors:

  • A single mom heard about us through her breast cancer support group.  She is separated and is caring for her two grandchildren.  During her treatment she was unable to work and fell behind on her gas and water bill.  She asked, through tears if we could help her get her gas turned back on.  She told me that it wasn’t so bad now that the weather was getting warmer, the showers didn’t feel so cold.  We were able to put he gas back on and pay her water bill.  Because of you, she had a hot shower and her grandchildren enjoyed a hot bath.
  •  A social worker contacted us about a patient, she lost her mother and her sister to breast cancer and is now battling the disease too.  She was told that she should have genetic testing to see if she had the breast cancer gene.  She knew that she could not afford those tests and her medication.  We were able to pay for the co-pays for the genetic testing.
  •  A woman wrote to us about her struggles with her bills while battling breast cancer. She wrote, “I never thought that I would be in this position, my husband and I have worked hard all of our lives.”  She has finished her chemotherapy and is now going for daily radiation for the next 6 weeks, after that she will be on herceptin for life. She asked if we could help her with her American Express (she uses this for co-pays), Verizon Wireless, car payment and her daughter’s tuition bill.  We were able to help her with all of these.
  • A woman contacted us she is disabled and struggling with breast cancer. She found herself falling behind on the phone bill and asked if we could help out with food cards too.  We were able to do both.
  • A 37 year old married woman was referred to us by a friend.  She has had two surgeries and is now going through chemo and radiation.  When we called her she asked if there was anyway that we could help with a day camp for her 5 year old son, because it was impossible to keep up with him given her weakened state. We were able to provide camp for her son.  Now she can concentrate on getting well.
  • A single mom just recently diagnosed with breast cancer contacted us.  She was working as a bus driver and had to stop due to treatment. She has a son who is a varsity baseball player, he offered to stop playing baseball, get a job and help her with the monthly bills. We told her, “don’t let him quit the baseball team, send us your bills and we will see what we can do to help.”  She sent us her sprint bill, oil bill, and electric bill.  We were able to pay all of them.
  • A single mom who has been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer contacted us.  She is currently on disability due to her treatment. She is engaged and has one child and has custody of her nephew.  She needed help with house cleaning and some bills.  We were able to make a car payment for her, provide cleaning, and pay JCP&L.


  • Breast Intentions held their first DAY AT THE RACES, in June, at Monmouth Park. The event was sold out thousands of dollars were raised for women in need.  Due to the popularity of this event, it will become an annual event! A great time was had by all.
  • Breast Intentions participated in the NJ Marathon and brought out 74 runners.  Thank you to all who participated and kudos to the top fundraiser, Tom Jones!
  •  The annual black tie Gala was held at the Meridian Ballroom at the Sheraton in Eatontown on April 27th.  Over 250 attendees were treated to gift auctions, silent auctions, live music, dinner and an open bar.  The Gala for 2014 will be held on May 3rd at the same venue.  Please contact for more information.


  • The Breast Intentions Team is hard at work setting up their Breast Cancer Awareness Month Activities.  Many businesses want to make a positive impact during October and choose Breast Intentions as their beneficiary.  They appreciate the fact that Breast  Intentions is run entirely by volunteers and all proceeds go directly to patients in need.  Breast Intentions always lets the businesses know how they have helped and how their money was spent.  If you know of a business that would like to give back in October, please tell them about Breast Intentions.


Breast Intentions was thrilled to be one of the recipients of a NJ Heroes Grant.  The team is hard at work collaborating with Middletown North and South, and has been working with student representatives from Monmouth University and Rowan University to develop the PINK PACT program. They will be rolling out the program at all four schools in October.

The program will educate young women about breast health and the need for regular breast self-examination. The program will be presented as a Health Fair primarily for young women, however, young men are welcome to attend as well.

The Health Fair will have a ‘pink’ theme with several fun things included.  Displays such as “a prosthetic breast with a lump”, educational material from the American Cancer Society, shower cards from Breast Intentions showing how to perform a self exam, and nutritional material will be given out among other items.


Breast Intentions, in partnership with Double G Sports, is holding their First Annual Golf Classic on Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at the Cranbury Golf Club in West Windsor.  The cost will be $175.00 per golfer, which includes breakfast, hotdogs and beer on the 9th hole, Barbecue lunch, greens fees and carts.  Join them for this great cause!

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