Danielle Bracco – Bonds of Courage - 11/14/16

Posted on November 14, 2016

Today, I am excited to announce Danielle Bracco, Executive Director of Bonds of Courage, as my 45th New Jersey Hero. Her efforts to support troops, veterans and their families, and our  brave armed service personnel who serve across the world in times of peace and war is so admirable, and I am pleased to honor her dedication to the veteran community.

Bonds of Courage ensures troops, veterans and their families meet their needs relating to jobs, health, families, and finances. Programs like “Building Bonds” are put in place to provide a network among military families so they are never alone. Career and mentoring programs have also been added, so that military personnel and veterans can receive personalized career fitness and mentoring assistance. Bonds of Courage also continuously provides care packages and letters creating a connection between the community and active duty troops.

In the last ten years, Bonds of Courage has helped develop relationships with 105 local troops within New Jersey, with approximately 500 family members. Bonds of Courage has also engaged 2,000 active donors and volunteers and involved several thousand children and community members in troop support activities and education. The network of support for troops, veterans and their families, and our brave armed service personnel that has been established forms an unbreakable bond. I am grateful for Danielle’s dedicated service and am pleased to honor her as my 45th New Jersey Hero.

Danielle has worked with Bonds of Courage since May 2013 and has served as Executive Director since January 2014. Aside from her work with Bonds of Courage, she has also served on numerous committees and charitable boards. Recently, Danielle became Program Director for ProVetus, an organization that provides peer-trained mentors to military veterans to help them successfully transition to the civilian sector. She also a volunteer at 102nd Cavalry Family Readiness Group, an organization dedicated to supporting the well-being and preparedness of the family unit. Danielle has served as a Council Member for the New Jersey State Council on Educational Opportunity for Military Children for the past two years.

For more information about Bonds of Courage, please visit their website: http://www.bondsofcourage.org


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