Peg Wright – The Center for Great Expectations - 4/27/15

Posted on April 27, 2015

Today I visited The Center for Great Expectations to name their Founder and President, Peg Wright, my next NJ Hero.  The Center for Great Expectations (CGE) is a residential and outpatient treatment center whose mission is to provide homeless pregnant women a safe place, a safe presence, and a safe path so they may complete a healthy pregnancy, choose a next right step, and follow through on their plan.  It was truly incredible to see all the work Peg has done to give these women and their children a second chance and a hopeful future.

Peg started CGE in 1998 in a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom rented house, serving 6 clients and no children. Today, she has grown the Center to provide a full array of services within two residential treatment centers, an onsite daycare facility, an outpatient treatment location, and supportive housing units. When I arrived at the center, I was greeted by Peg and her team who showed me around the residence. Their commitment to making the residents of the center feel at home was so amazing to see. These women are provided with not only a place to stay, but a support system and community in which they can thrive. After seeing the residence, I took part in a round table discussion with some of the women in the program. It was inspiring to see how much these women have overcome in such a short time at CGE.  They are all heroes for the work and dedication they are putting in to have a better life for them and their children.  Every one of the young women I spoke to expressed their gratitude for CGE and the help they are receiving to get back on a productive life track.

What Peg has accomplished here at The Center for Great Expectations is awe-inspiring. Over the past 17 years, she has helped nearly 850 young women overcome addiction and lead healthier lives.  Her strong vision and commitment to a segment of our population that is often overlooked, is providing life-changing opportunities to many adult women, teens, and their children.  Peg and her staff are truly changing the lives of these women and children and helping them prepare for a greater and healthier future ahead. It was an honor to meet Peg and recognize her as a New Jersey Hero.  For more information on The Center for Great Expectations, please visit their website:



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