GinaMarie Raimondo – Bullying… We’re Kickin’ It! - 2/26/16

Posted on February 26, 2016
I am excited to announce that today I named GinaMarie Raimondo of Bullying… We’re Kickin’ It! my 40th NJ Hero! Gina was chosen as part of our sixth online public selection process for the NJ Hero Award.  It was an very close race, showing that all three nonprofits focusing on anti-bullying had a lot of support from their followers.
Bullying… We’re Kickin’ It! provides an effective method of educating children on how to positively express and resolve interpersonal problems through the practical application of the Golden Rule “Do unto others…” GinaMarie created this anti-bullying and leadership center that educates and supports children throughout their school and social journey with programs for children starting at age two. This all-encompassing model reduces bullying at its core with myriad services improving the overall school and social climate. The Kickin’ It Kids Center provides preschool programs, homeschool alternatives, afterschool workshops, summer camps, guardian workshops, mentoring, peer leadership and more. Children are taught character education, respectful social behaviors, youth empowerment, tolerance, acceptance, accountability, cultural and diversity appreciation, positive outlets and life skills. Kickin’ It also provides educators, of all grade levels, with workshops required by NJ’s anti-bullying laws.
GinaMarie’s passion and determination in helping to eradicate bullying from young people’s lives is so admirable. The loyal supporters and patrons of Bullying… We’re Kickin’ It! proved how much she is truly appreciated by those she helps and her community. Congratulations to GinaMarie and to all the nominees. Together, you are all making a significant difference in helping to prevent and eliminate bullying!  For more information on Bullying… We’re Kickin’ It!, please visit their website:

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  • March 01, 2016 at 10:35 am

    Jeff Krupnick

    This Award was Created Specifically for Ms. Gina Marie!

    Her Incredible Devotion, Her Intelligent Strategies, Her Relationship Building, Her Stunning Beauty from Inside Out and Her Endless Creativity Wrapped by Unmatched Passion to PROTECT EVERY CHILD-EVERYWHERE, is Simply Hands Down Why Gina Marie/Kickin’ It Should Definitely Be NJ Hero’s 2016 WINNER!

    Thanks for having such a great award to honor such great people!

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