Kerry Magro – KFM Making a Difference - 4/11/17

Posted on April 11, 2017

I am so proud to name Kerry Magro as my 47th New Jersey Hero! Kerry is the founder of KFM Making a Difference; a non-profit focused on spreading disability awareness and giving scholarships for students with autism to pursue a post-secondary education.

Kerry was diagnosed with autism at the age of four, and underwent countless hours of therapy. Through this, he has overcome many of the challenges that are faced with Autism, and now uses this experience to encourage other adults with autism to thrive. Kerry raises money for scholarships to encourage adults living with autism to pursue higher education, and he also hosts a blog, where he shares helpful tips for autistic students, research regarding autistic students, and inspirational stories for scholarship winners.

Since its founding, KFM Making a Difference has awarded 38 scholarships to students with autism seeking to continue there post secondary education.

I am so proud to name Kerry Magro a New Jersey Hero, and I commend him on his goal to improve the lives of autistic individuals!

For more information about KFM Making a Difference, please visit their website:

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